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We Are Blessed, but Our Kids Are Blessed Too!

We all know that we are blessed to have our children. I see or hear a parent sharing daily about how blessed they feel to have their kids. I feel the same way! My kids are my biggest blessing. Not a day goes by where I don’t feel blessed to have them in my life.

On the hard days—when our children are acting out, or when someone loses it for the hundredth time—we still don’t lose sight of how blessed we are. Even on those extra hard days… when we are just trying to make it through to bedtime… we remember how blessed we are once we see them sleeping peacefully as the day comes to a close.

But, something that seems easier for us to forget is that our children are also blessed to have us! Yes, our children are blessed too! 

Why is it that it can be so hard to believe that our children are also blessed to have us? Many days I find myself questioning if I am good enough – if I am enough for my children. Did I discipline them right? Did I yell too much? Did I play with them enough? Did I focus on them enough or was I too wrapped up in my day to day responsibilities? Even… it’s hard to admit, but… Am I messing up my kids?

Parenting is so difficult and there are so many rules, so many opinions on what is the right way to parent, that it can be difficult to feel like we are doing anything right. It makes me sad that this can make us feel like our children are less than blessed. 

Thus, I want to share a reminder today: 

Our children are blessed to have us.

Our children are blessed when we dry their tears.

Our children are blessed when we discipline them, when we teach them right from wrong, when we help them become the people they are meant to be.

Our children are blessed when we make them breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and every snack there in between.

Our children are blessed when they are sad and can’t seem to figure out why and we help them get to the bottom of those feelings.

Our children are blessed when they fall and we kiss the boo-boo and remind them that they have what it takes to get back up and try again.

Our children are blessed when we give them—even a tiny snippet of—time where the whole world seems to stop and revolve around them. 

Our children are blessed when we find magic with them, or even when we let them show us the magic… in the birds who tweet and sing, in the caterpillar who will soon turn into a butterfly, in the rainbow which just showed up on the kitchen floor from the light in the window.

Our children are blessed when we make a mistake and show them how we learn from it.

Our children are blessed because they know that they are the biggest blessing in our lives. This comes through, even on our hard days.

Our children are blessed because we love them like no one else can. I strongly believe we were paired with our children for a reason and that we are exactly what they need.

Everyone has hard days. Everyone makes mistakes. We are human! But, this does not make us any less of a parent or any less of what our children need. It doesn’t make them any less blessed to have us.

Our children are our biggest blessing, but the way that we love our children is also the biggest blessing that they will ever have. Never lose sight of this.

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2 responses to “We Are Blessed, but Our Kids Are Blessed Too!”

  1. Willy Burden says:

    This is such a great reminder, especially for the parents who are feeling overwhelmed. I appreciate your perspective! Yes, our children are blessed!

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