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You Know You’re the Parent of a Toddler When…

“They say” being a parent is the most rewarding job of all. It is…until it’s not. You know you’re the parent of a toddler when… You watch your TV shows or movies in 15-minute intervals, having to rewind multiple times. To sit down and watch a show or movie without interruption may be a dream of yours. You realize it’s Thursday and you are still wearing Tuesday’s yoga pants. To top it all off, you haven’t showered. On average when leaving the house, you look like a hot mess, but at least your kids look cute. Your vocabulary seems to have evolved to only include the words, “No,” “Stop,” “1-2-3,” and “That’s Enough!” You can multi-task like Martha Stewart on steroids. You can remember a time when you have driven somewhere and upon arrival you have no clue how you got there. After all, you are always distracted. You are sicker than you have ever been in your life. How do they seem to catch everything and then share it with us?! You would do almost anything—maybe even gladly give away your first-born child—for a moment of peace and quiet. This may include locking yourself in a closet… You know what it is like to literally drop to the floor from the pain of stepping on a small toy. You have started bargaining with God, If you just [stop this tantrum, make my child go back to sleep…], then I will… You use the word “poop” multiple times a day: Is that poop? Do you need to poop? Why did you poop in your pants? Why won’t you poop on the potty? You are driving in the car alone—for once—and realize you have been listening to children’s music for 20 minutes. You are starting to resemble a magician. You can pull things out of your purse to assist you in handling the children, things that aren’t typically found in a purse—a small toy, a Band-Aid, a snack, a diaper—the list could go on and on. You wonder at least once a day if you are clinically insane. And finally, at the end of the day when your child is all snuggled up in bed, you look at that innocent, sweet face and think, Wow, I am so lucky you are mine. To learn a little more about me and my blog, check out: About Lauren You may also enjoy: Moms Have Tantrums Too or How to Survive a Beach Trip with Kids

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6 responses to “You Know You’re the Parent of a Toddler When…”

  1. Audrey Tait says:

    Lauren, I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Keep on writing!!!

  2. Kevin Jones says:

    Enjoying your post!

  3. Maureen says:

    Great post!! Look forward to many more!!!

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