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My Heart Goes Off to Kindergarten

“They say” having a child means you are forever deciding to have your heart walk outside of your body. This is one quote which most parents have heard and which most can truly identify with. My daughter, my first baby, is going to kindergarten in a few weeks. I can imagine it. My heart is playing on the playground and falls and gets hurt. I won’t be there to comfort her. My heart may be made fun of by another child. She may not be included in a game with friends or not invited to a sleepover. She may be picked last in gym class. She may have an asthma attack and I may not be there to protect her. She may not enjoy school. She may miss being home with me. Having my heart on the outside, I feel so exposed. These are the big things I worry about, but even the small things cause me to panic. My sister-in-law was shopping with me one day and we came across the backpacks for back to school. She asked me if she could buy my daughter’s first backpack for school. To be honest, I froze for a minute. I panicked a bit and I wasn’t sure what to say. I had heard so much talk about getting the right backpack for school on social media that I was conflicted. Should I get her first backpack? Should she be the one to pick it out? Should I get the super nice backpack from Pottery Barn Kids which is going to last? If I don’t get her the super nice backpack, will her backpack be good enough? Then I realized, here I am focusing on what “they say” again. Sometimes we allow what “they say” make us feel like we aren’t enough, or that our decisions for our children aren’t good enough. It is hard not to when we are bombarded by social media, the internet and so on. There are so many opinions hitting us right in the face that we feel bad when our opinion differs. I think about my daughter being in school. I wouldn’t want her to do something just because her peers are doing it. I would want her to make her own choices. If she likes something different than her peers, I don’t want her to feel bad. I don’t want her to fear standing out just because she makes a decision different than most of those around her. I want her to be herself… to be who she wants to be. So that is what I did. After my long pause—I am sure my sister-in-law wondered why on earth this was such a hard question to answer—I told her, “Yes, you can buy her the basic backpack.” Because you know what, who cares what other people say or do. It doesn’t matter. To those of you moms out there who bought your kids the best, longest-lasting backpack there is, congratulations! You are a wonderful mom! Your child will have a backpack which may last them through the elementary years. To those of you moms who bought your child the Walmart character backpack, or the plain backpack which I always had as a child, congratulations! You are a wonderful mom! You bought your child a backpack which will work for them! And for those of you who gave your child the hand-me-down backpack, Congratulations! You are a wonderful mom! Your child has what they need for school. And if something happens to the backpack we provide, the good news is, we can always buy a new one. So, right now, instead of focusing on what everyone else is doing to prepare their children for kindergarten, I am going to focus on soaking up every single last snuggle that I can before my heart goes off to school without me. Then, I am going to trust that I have given her what she needs to succeed, both physically and emotionally, and I will be right there for her if she ever needs more. To learn a little more about my page head on over here: About Me You may also enjoy: What Does It Mean to Be a Parent?

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10 responses to “My Heart Goes Off to Kindergarten”

  1. Maureen says:

    Great post! ❤️

  2. Tracy says:

    Love this!

  3. yadie says:

    ALL OF THIS!!!

  4. Kevin Jones says:

    Them getting on the school bus for the first time is a major event for child and parent, for which you have both been preparing for 5 precious years. She’s ready and will be fine.

    • admin says:

      Hi Kevin! Thank you! You are right. That moment was full of emotions. I am just lucky it went so well, which gave me a bit more peace!

  5. Audrey says:

    Omg thank you I needed this and I just want to cry more now lol

    • admin says:

      Hi Audrey! Thank you so much love! I felt the same way when my oldest was starting Kindergarten! It was for sure harder on me than her! You are not alone sweet mama!! And, you’ve got this!!

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