What Makes a “Good” Parent?

Are you a “good” parent?

I was watching “This is Us” the other night. The mother was talking about rocking her early-waking baby. She was so excited to snuggle and listen to her favorite music on her headphones while she watched the sunrise. It was so sweet… but, there came that feeling sneaking in again that I often feel… 

I didn’t like that. I don’t like that still. I hate when my kids wake up early. I must be a bad mom…

This happens to me a lot. The negative, self-questioning, accusing thoughts creep in, and I find myself asking: Am I a bad mom?

Why do we have thoughts like this? Why do we let the things we see and hear—the things we see on TV, on social media, the things our friends are doing—make us question ourselves?

It’s hard not to. The advice and opinions are everywhere, and when it comes to parenting, we will never find a one-size-fits-all manual. 

We will find articles with titles like, “The best parents do these things,” or “What you should never say to your child.” Well, you know what, who made them the judge? Who made them the parenting expert who knows exactly what is right for MY family and MY kids? These articles don’t leave me with answers. They leave me with lots of questions about whether I am doing anything right.

So, ARE you a good parent?

YES! You are! Ask yourself these questions:

Do you put your child to sleep/ help them sleep— whether it be in their room or yours, whether you let them cry it out or rock them ‘til they’re out?

Do you feed your child— whether it’s formula or breastmilk, or even teeny meals between LOTS of snacks?

Do you love your child— even after they grab your almost full coffee and sling it across the table, or take a crayon to your walls? [Yup, speaking from experience].

Do you clothe your child— whether they dress themselves, in expensive clothes or in hand-me-downs? Or, even if your child is dressed better than you (as you just barely made it out of the house)? 


How often do you lose your patience? Some? A lot? A ton? 

Well, how often did you teach your child something, even if it was that you made a mistake? There is so much value in that.

You are doing all of these things?? THAT makes a pretty great parent!

So, what makes a “good” parent? It’s impossible to put into words, but I guarantee it’s not about how we feed, clothe, discipline, put our kids to sleep, or how we compare to others, or even how patient we can be. It’s all about love.

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