Why I’m Not Making a True New Year’s Resolution This Year

They say we should make a new year’s resolution.

You know what I need to work on more than anything else this year?

Giving myself some grace… cutting myself some slack. Because the truth is, I know I’m my own worst critic.

I could focus on all the things I need to change… yelling less, being more present, more patient, more organized, less cluttered.

And let me tell you, these are all great things to work on, but sometimes focusing on these thoughts only makes me feel like I’m failing. I mean I’m human. I am going to make mistakes.

I’m going to yell.

Things will slip my mind.

I’ll forget my child’s backpack or forget to send in sunglasses for “sun glass day” at school.

I will be late.

I will lose my temper.

I will break down over something I look back on and find completely silly.

I will say the wrong thing.

But you know what else I will do? I will love my kids so fiercely. I will kiss them. I will hug them over and over. I will squeeze them—too hard even. I will tell them what a great job they did. I will be their biggest fan. I will fix their boo-boos. I will dry their tears. I’ll tuck them in, and read “just one more book.” 

It seems I can focus on the things I need to change, or I can focus on being okay with who I already am. 

So rather than making a true New Year’s resolution this year, I will focus on just being okay with myself when I make a mistake. I will focus on realizing that mistakes don’t make me a bad mom—even on my worst days. I will try to focus more on the things I do right than on the things I do wrong. 

And you know what? I bet if I can be okay with myself mistakes and all—if I can give myself some grace—then I will be happier. And if I’m happy… if I am truly content… I bet all the resolutions I would have made will improve as a result.

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Why I'm Not Making a New Year's Resolution This Year
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