Moms Have Tantrums Too!

“They say” tantrums are for toddlers… but I may have to disagree… Being a mom of toddlers and an infant is hard. After having a baby, my hormones are seriously all out of whack. There have been times I have gone from being the happiest mama on the planet to downright hysterical in the matter of minutes, and there are times when I find myself honestly losing my mind. This blog is all about honesty. My goal is to be real, so let me tell you about one such day… I had to go across town to pick up a prescription for my infant. I fed the toddlers and the baby but I hadn’t had time to feed myself. I was exhausted and I was starving. I decided to make the trip out a little more pleasant I would go out of the way a little bit and run through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru. You guys, those Chick-fil-A mini chicken biscuits are amazing, and when I get it in my head that I want them, I MUST get them. I had plenty of time to make it there before the breakfast cut-off at 10:30… or so I thought. I got all the kids ready, had the kids go potty, put shoes on the toddlers, and put the baby into her car seat. I had given my son a cup of goldfish because he had already thrown a fit over wanting a snack and it wasn’t even 10:00 a.m. As we walk out the door, of course he spills his gold fish all over the garage floor. I didn’t want to attract ants so I picked them all up as quickly as I could as he continuously cried, “I really wanted those goldfish!” I rushed the kids into the car, hooked everyone into their car seats and we were off! We still had plenty of time to make it there by 10:30! Whew! I spoke too soon. Shortly after we left, we hit road work. We make it through and were still on track! Yes! Then, we hit more road work! How is this even possible? I live in the country! I am sitting in the construction zone for an eternity and we still aren’t moving, so I decide to turn around completely and take another route. I keep checking the clock and we are somehow still on schedule. We make it into the drive thru just in the nick of time! We even had a few minutes to spare. I excitedly tell the attendant my order, “I’ll have the Chick-n-Minis, please!” She responds, “I’m sorry, we are now serving lunch. What is your lunch order?” I say, “Wait. It is not yet 10:30. It is still breakfast.” “I am so sorry, we actually ran out of breakfast a few minutes early today,” she says. In disbelief I reply, “Excuse me, did you just say you ran outof breakfast?” “Yes” “Listen, I made it here in time. My cell phone clock even says it is not 10:30. I don’t understand how you run out of breakfast. All I want are Chick-n-minis,” I reply. “I am so sorry, ma’am. We are out. There is nothing I can do.” I say, “Okay, I am going to need to speak to a manager about this.” “No problem. Proceed to the window, and you can ask to speak with a manager.” Now I am feeling pretty stupid to be honest, because I pull up to the window in tears. I blubber to the manager and the other six drive through attendants—who are all staring at me and think I’ve gone mad for sure—, “I drove for 40 minutes with two toddlers and an infant to get here all because I wanted breakfast. I arrived in time for breakfast and I am told you are completely out.” He tells me there is no excused for this, that I am correct, they should be serving breakfast until 10:30. He asks me what I want. I say, “All I want are Chick-n-Minis and a Coke. That is all.” The manager finds some in the back, apologizes, and gives them to me free of charge. As I start to pull off, my daughter says, “Mama. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!” Ha! Good point, sweetheart! So, there you have it! Even mamas have tantrums! Anyone else had a tantrum lately?   You may also enjoy: Moments

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