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You Know You’re the Parent of a Toddler When…

“They say” being a parent is the most rewarding job of all.
It is…until it’s not.

You know you’re the parent of a toddler when…

You watch your TV shows or movies in 15-minute intervals, having to rewind multiple times. To sit down and watch a show or movie without interruption may be a dream of yours.

You realize it’s Thursday and you are still wearing Tuesday’s yoga pants. To top it all off, you haven’t showered.

On average when leaving the house, you look like a hot mess, but at least your kids look cute.

Your vocabulary seems to have evolved to only include the … read more

What Does It Mean to Be a Parent?

Sometimes I find myself wondering…
Here are some answers I come up with. It means…

We are strong, but not too strong. We show our kids we all go through difficult times and that we can get through them. At the same time, that doesn’t mean we cannot show emotion as we get there.

We are brave, but not too brave. We show our kids we can face the world and its challenges with bravery, but also show them that it’s okay to waver sometimes. We show them that wavering doesn’t make us weak.

We teach them patience. We show them we can bite … read more


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Welcome to my blog. I am a licensed school counselor turned stay-at-home mom and writer. I have three wonderful children. I love the water, baking, getting creative, and traveling, especially to new places. I have a bachelor’s degree in science (Psychology major and Sociology minor), and a master’s degree in counselor education (M.Ed.). I wouldn’t call myself a parenting expert exactly, but I believe all parents are experts at raising their own children. After all, no one knows your kids better than you! My blog is about what “they say”—what we hear and read—versus what “we say”: using our own intuition. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.