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Top 10 Products for Toddlers on the Go

Taking a toddler or baby out into the world is not always an easy task. You never know what could happen. Usually getting out of the house is a chore in and of itself. If you have tried putting shoes on a toddler, then you probably get it. And then, there is always a blow-out or an, “I have to go potty” right before heading out the door. This usually occurs once the said shoes are already on the feet.

Then, once we are out, one moment I could have perfect angels, and the next, one of the kids could be wallowing on the floor or licking the table. But, with three little ones, we have found some pretty neat products which have helped us with these intimidating adventures out.

1. Toilet Seat Covers

If you have a potty trained toddler, you will find yourself helping them use a public toilet at some point or another. If you are like me, you will find yourself getting frustrated or disgusted because either their bottom, their hands, or the back of their pants will touch the toilet.

We found potty seat covers which cover the entire potty. They stick to the toilet seat so that they won’t move and they offer full coverage you guys! They cover the full seat and edges of the toilet. This means no more hands or pants touching the potty. Check out how they work here.

Another option is the folding potty seat. We have also used these, and they work great!

2. Snack Container

If you have a toddler like mine, you will almost never leave the house without bringing along a snack. This bbluv snack container is awesome! There are three storage areas, so you can bring three different snacks. The top has a lid like the top of a bottle, so you can even store juice or water here. It’s cute, easy, and a space-saver! It’s also leak-proof and dishwasher and microwave safe.

toddler products toddler products


3. Stroller Clips

With a toddler in tow, you will have plenty to carry with you. We love these dreambaby stroller clips. You can clip your purse or diaper bag directly onto the stroller. You can even clip grocery bags on your way out of the store. When we know we will be walking with the stroller quite a bit, we even clip our favorite straw sippy cups directed onto these clips.

products for toddlers products for toddlers


4. Placemat/ Meal Mat

I love a good placemat at a restaurant. We all know what happens when you give a toddler a glass plate… and it’s not always pretty. Here are three of our favorites. We switch them up when we go out.

The Gerber Meal Mat: This is a silicon plate with separate areas for each food item. The silicon helps it stay put on the table. The best part about this one is it comes in a container. This makes it super easy to bring back home even if it is covered in food. Click the link to see how it works.

Silicone Coloring Placemat: This placemat is loads of fun. You can literally ball it up into a ball and throw it into the diaper bag and it will keep it’s shape. Kids can use either dry erase or regular washable markers to color it and then it can be used as a placemat when the food arrives. The best part is, it’s dishwasher safe!

Klean Kids Disposable Placemats: Thanks to Home Worthy Goods for gifting us these! They are great for dining at a restaurant. Even if your toddler decides to lick the table, it’s clean. We ball these up and throw them away after, which means leaving less of a mess for the server. Double win!

toddler products


5. Wipe Clean Books or Cards

The kids will likely need something to do to keep them busy at some point during the outing. We especially like to bring along activities when we are eating at a restaurant. Wipe clean books can be used over and over again and they never seem to get old. Both dry erase markers and dry erase crayons work on these books. You can also find wipe clean activity cards.

6. Sippy Cup Strap

The sippy cup strap is essential for my toddlers, because I am pretty sure their drink spends more time on the floor than on the table. What is it with a young toddlers desire to drop things to the floor? At least with the sippy cup strap, it will not actually hit the floor. Yay for less germs! This one is our favorite because it can easily adjust to fit around toys.

7. Pacifier Clip

Along the same lines, if you have a pacifier lover, the pacifier clip is essential. One pacifier in reach equals a much happier baby. There are so many options, but here is a simple one we like to use.

baby products


8. High Chair Cover/ Cart Cover

We love these shopping cart covers because they can be used to cover both the highchair at a restaurant and the shopping cart in the store. I am all for items which serve multiple purposes. I swear the first thing my toddlers want to do is bite the cart. With the cover, it’s one less thing I need to worry about.

toddler products shopping cart cover


9. Travel Bags

These Bumkins bags are great. I love that they are reusable and waterproof. It’s a great place to store pacifiers, teethers, crayons or markers for the kids, and pretty much any small item you don’t want lost in the diaper bag. This package comes with three different sizes. These are also TSA compliant which is great for plane rides.

travel baby products


10. Disposable Diaper Bags and Dispenser

Finally, the baby always poops at a restaurant or while out and about. And why are these always the blowouts? These Munchkin disposable diaper bags are great because I hate leaving a smelly diaper behind in a bathroom. I mean, no one wants to smell that. Seriously! I just toss the diaper inside one of these, tie it up and throw it in the trash. These are also nice for those blowouts, because once the shirt and pants are covered in poo, there are pretty hard to carry home. So, we just stick the soiled clothes right in a bag, tie it up, and take them home.


I hope these items will help make your next outing a bit easier! Let me know what you think in the comments!


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Baby Must-Haves You May Not Know You Need

Are you bringing home a newborn baby? “They” have a lot to say about baby products! There are so many products to choose from that it is so hard to know what you need… and what you don’t need. Here is my list of all-time favorite baby items which help make my life easier.

Of course diapers, baby wipes, and bottles will be important. There are a couple of things I didn’t realize at first. Many babies outgrow the Newborn diaper size pretty quickly. Some big babies won’t even fit into them. You may want to avoid buying huge packs of newborn size until your baby enters the world and you know how big they are (or at least hold onto your receipts). My son was 9 pounds 2 ounces, so newborn didn’t apply much to him. Also, because all babies are different, bottles may not be “one size fits all.” You may want to stick with only buying a few bottles at first to make sure your baby takes to them before you buy an entire set.

For Comfort

HappiTummi: This tummy wrap is a lifesaver. When our baby was experiencing colic and reflux, this tool calmed her down right away. You simply heat the herbal insert in the microwave, place it into the comfy tummy wrap, and wrap it around your babies lower stomach. This calmed my colicky, need-to-be-held baby down in an instant.

For Sleeping

Monitor: A baby monitor is a must. I prefer the monitors where you can actually see the baby. This gives me peace of mind, but any baby monitor will do. Here is the one we use and love.

White noise sound machine: I am so thankful a friend told me about white noise! It is basically a sound machine placed in baby’s room which plays some type of white noise all night long. The first time we used a sound machine, our newborn slept over an hour longer than she usually did. We never looked back. Find an example of a white noise machine here.

Swaddle Me swaddles: These velcro swaddles are our absolute favorite. If at first your baby doesn’t seem to like being swaddled, try swaddling them right before bedtime and breastfeeding them straight away. Usually mine would calm down and sleep much better and longer.

Sleep Sacks: We love these Halo SleepSacks. We transitioned our babies from the swaddle to the sleep sack around four or five months old.

Sleep Sack


Baby Carrier

Baby carriers are great for any baby, especially when you leave the house, but I found them essential when I had my second child. I wore my second and third child a lot so that I would have my hands free to care for and entertain my toddlers. My favorite for my newborn was the Moby Wrap. Check it out here. For older babies, I love the Ergo carrier.

For Bath Time

Bath Sponge: My children hated the plastic bathtubs. I was delighted to find this bath sponge. We place it directly into the bathtub, lay baby down, and bathe them right on it. I use a bath cup to continue pouring water over them during the bath to keep them nice and warm.

Hair brush which helps prevent cradle cap: Check out this baby brush. We were given a baby brush just like this when we left the hospital with our first child. I was so happy to find one for purchase when we needed a replacement for baby number 3! It works wonders at preventing and removing cradle cap. I just apply some baby soap and massage baby’s scalp gently in circular motions.

Washcloths: Soft washcloths are wonderful for bath time. I recently came across these super soft washcloths which we love.


For Diaper Changes

BabyBum Brush for applying diaper cream: I wondered and wondered if this product would actually work. I hated having diaper ointment residue on my hands even after washing with soap, so I gave it a try. The BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush is absolutely amazing. I can apply diaper cream now in one easy swipe and my hands are completely goo-free!

Baby Wipe Clutch: The Huggies wipe clutch is my favorite. I can unzip and refill and place it directly into the diaper bag. It has a nice little strap for carrying and can even be hooked directly onto a bag.

Diaper Ointment: We love the tried and true A&D diaper ointment for everyday changes and the Medline Remedy Olivamine Ointment for diaper rash. It works like a charm at removing tough diaper rashes!

For Sleep and Play

Pack ‘N Play: We use the Pack N’ Play for traveling or as a safe place for baby (out of my toddlers’ reach). This one is our favorite as it has a little bassinet and changing area for baby.

Rock ‘N Play: My infants spent a ton of time in their Rock ‘N Play. The incline was awesome for my babies with reflux and the rocking and vibration features make it even better!

Play Nest: This is a favorite in our house. There comes a time where baby wants to sit up so bad, but they can’t do it quite yet. They become frustrated laying down, but would fall if you sat them up without support. The Play Nest was the perfect solution. It even helped my babies practice and learn to sit up. This particular play nest can be flipped to the other side for an infant insert: Check it out here.

Baby in play nestPlay Nest


For Feeding

Medela Sterilizer bags: These bags are great for sterilizing pump parts and bottles. Many different brands make these neat and easy-to-use sterilizer bags!

Breast Pump: We used the Medela Pump in Style. If you are breastfeeding, this may be the most important baby item. This pump lasted me through all three kiddos. I simply replaced the tubing each time.

Formula dispenser: If you are formula feeding, the AVENT formula dispenser is so convenient for on-the-go feeds. This one holds three bottles of formula and easily converts to a snack cup when baby becomes a toddler. It is perfect for any outing or trip.

Boon “grass” drying rack: We love this drying rack. Ours is over five years old and is still going strong! You can even get a fun flower or tree to hold your bottle nipples. It doesn’t hurt that it looks cute on the counter either!

Bibs with plastic backing: My babies make a huge mess while eating, while burping, while drinking. I had to invest in some bibs with plastic backing, so their clothes could stay dry. Less laundry equals a happy mama!



Diaper Cloths: We love these Gerber flat fold birdseye cloth diapers for burping baby. Their extra large size provides nice coverage which keeps baby and I clean and spit-up free. They get softer each and every wash.


Boppy: The Boppy is an item I use every day. It helps keep baby in a nice position while nursing. Later, it can be used to help baby learn to sit up.

I hope you will find this list of must-haves helpful! These items have sure helped me through my three babies… and let’s be honest… with three, I will take all the help I can get.


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You can count on me only recommending products which I know and love!

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